Basement Bathroom Reveal

We’re going with the theme of bathrooms for now. Maybe it will inspire me to actually finish our main bathroom upstairs!

This room was the most unfinished when we bought the house. It was a mess of incorrectly installed cement board, unsanded THICK mud, and uncentered/un-square everything. My dad had the absolute joy of finishing it for us. The installation of each fixture came with the question: “Which side would you like square? Which side should be centered? Would you like it flush with the back wall or the side wall?” etc. you can’t have it all! The great thing is: you can’t really tell now that everything is installed and finished.

Let’s take a look at some pictures!

Vanity/Sink Area


Toilet Area (adjacent to sink, but really hard to photograph together without a wide angle lens!)


Shower and Linen Nook (Opposite sink and toilet)


I am loving the wood shelves! My dad measured and cut all the boards for me (bless his heart, every shelf has a different measurement!), and I finished them and Dan installed them. So basically, I just made them pretty. :)

Edit: I copied the tutorial from Thrift Decor Chick.  I forgot to mention that!


Side note: all the baskets on the shelves came from Ikea. Ikea has really expanded their basket selection. The prices are great, and the baskets are really sturdy. The ones on the shelves are especially sturdy. I bought two large, round ones in that style to use as laundry baskets upstairs. They are holding up great so far!

As we are working on our main bathroom upstairs, we’ve been using this bathroom as our main bathroom. So I feel the need to show real life…here’s all the junk I cleared off the ledge/sink so that I could take decent looking pictures. Enjoy!


Lovely. :)

And now for a little before and after. These shots aren’t the greatest because the room is small and difficult to photograph (bonus points for spotting the 36 week prego belly!), and the before pictures were taken before the door and linen nook shelves were installed which allowed for more room to snap pictures.

First, the sink/toilet side…







Now the shower/linen side…

Before (Shower then Linen Nook)







You get the idea…hot mess to serene, functional bathroom!

It feels SO good to finally have this room finished! It’s been 90% completed for over a year, but finishing and installing those linen shelves took me about 15 months. Yikes. Seriously, Emily. What procrastination! The wood sat in our garage so long, the boards warped from the moisture, so we had to flatten them with clamps before installing them. So much work and time wasted! Lesson learned! Finish the job in a reasonable amount of time!

Half Bathroom Reveal

Here is our “finished” half bathroom/laundry room! Unfortunately, due to circumstances with the dog it is not officially finished.

Exhibit A:

IMG_8688_smallLong story short: he went berserk.

Bottom Line: We need a new door. Thankfully it is sitting in the garage, but we need to install it.

Besides the door, all the other projects for this room are finished, so let’s look at the finished product!





For comparison’s sake, let’s see a good before and after!





Laundry side…




Ahhh…so much better than black and green!

Now that it’s “finished” I’ve thought of new projects: the door (obviously, although truly perfectly functional!) and new laminate on the sink (I have a remnant from the upstairs bath…can’t wait to blog about that project!).


Removing Spray Paint from Window Slides

I learned something new today!

If you have spray paint residue on the plastic slides of your windows, and really, I mean, who doesn’t? You can easily remove it with nail polish remover! Woot!

I started out with a magic eraser which worked too but took a LOT of elbow grease. Like more than I own. So I had to look for an easier solution.

I also tried alcohol but it didn’t work a bit.





Happy lady right here!

This window is officially ready for paint!

I’m putting my last coat on the living room windows tomorrow then I’ll be tackling the dining room and this one (the laundry room). My goal is to finish before snowfall….can I make it???

Tying Up Loose Ends

As our annual pig roast draws near, I am rushing to complete as many projects as I can. The humidity is killing many of my painting projects so we’ll see how much I can get done.

Sunday afternoon I wrangled Dan into helping me finish two projects that I’ve been sitting on for months. Literally months….like since April…oh my…

Lucky the painting had been done for write a while, before this super humid weather rolled in. I just needed help screwing the hooks in then hanging them on the wall. I’m not a very good DIYer yet because I can’t hang pictures straight to save my life. My hubby saves me on this.

First up, the laundry room. I’ve been wanting a hook for my ironing board since we moved in, but I struggled to find a hook wide enough for the legs of my ironing board. Young House Love’s target line saved the day! I mounted their hooks to my own board and hung out on the wall. Tada!



While I was at it, I raised the pictures on the opposite wall as I hung them too low originally.

My laundry room is complete (for now! I’ve got more ideas up my sleeve!)!

This room needs a proper reveal post now that it has reached a mostly finished stage…another day, my friends.

Next up, the nursery! I’ve been wanting to fill in the empty wall next to my nursing chair and it took me almost a year to make my idea turn into reality.

Middle of the night sickness made us realize how important a clock is in a nursery…you do NOT want to lay that baby down until the Tylenol has had a chance to kick in. Am I right?

I had seen similar boards with big clips on Pinterest, so I tried to incorporate the boards with the clock as one big collage.

I don’t know exactly what I’m going to hang from the clips but right now I’m thinking a mixture of family pictures and bible verses. I just grabbed some photos I had lying around for this post.

(I have some patching to do too…never mind the screw holes! Those will be covered soon…famous last words!)

So here’s my to do list from a few posts ago…making progress!

  1. Stain, poly, and hang the shelves in the basement bathroom
  2. The boards have made their way to the garage for sanding!

  3. Prime and paint the trim around the new windows that we installed a few weeks ago (by “we” I mean the professionals!)
  4. Done! Haven’t blogged about it though….it’s really not too exciting.

  5. Paint the remaining wood windows throughout the house
  6. Paint the trim around the front door
  7. Done! Need to post about this…

  8. Super glue the cup pulls to the mock drawers under the kitchen sink (I’m thinking super glue will work…not entirely sure, gorilla glue didn’t)
  9. Done! Super glue for the win!

  10. Touch up the paint on the kitchen cabinets
  11. Finish the clock/picture clip collage for Jackie’s room (not a good description…I’ll show you when it’s finished)
  12. Done!

  13. Finish and hang the hook for my ironing board
  14. Done!

  15. Raise the pictures next to the dryer in the laundry room
  16. Done!

Wow, crossing all that off feels so good! I hadn’t realized how much I’d gotten done. Woot!

What have you crossed off your to do list?

Knitty Muggyns!!

There are things that hang over my head that prevent me (ahem, I allow them to prevent me…) from getting more things done. I can’t work on house projects, the kitchen is dirty. I can’t finish Jack’s picture collage, I need to sweep/vacuum/clean etc.

The big one on my plate that prevented me from house projects and blogging was making color swatches for my dear sister’s Etsy shop, Knitty Muggyns. I had taken all of the pictures weeks, maybe months ago. I had to learn how to do it in photoshop so I was being lazy about learning it and getting it done. Shame on me.

Well, they’re done now! Almost, the color names might change. Here are the color options for the Jackson Blanket.

KM Baby Blanket Color Swatch2

Here are the color options for the baby cardigan.

KM Baby Cardigan Color Swatch2

The Jackson Blanket will be posted soon! Updates to come!

More Happy Things

A great weekend with friends, wine for Happy To Be Alive Day (5 years!), and a great washer and dryer. That washer and dryer are getting a workout thanks to a weekend up north!




What are you thankful/grateful/choosing to be happy for today?

Happy Things

I’ve been trying to be purposefully grateful lately in an effort to keep my focus on what’s important. Here are some small things I’m thankful for today.




And last but definitely not least, I’m thankful for miracles. For a God who is working and active in the lives of his people.

How do you keep your focus right? What are you thankful for today?

The Start of a New Week

It has been  a lovely weekend full of mostly family time with a little friend time thrown in for good measure. This wonderful weekend has left me energized and ready to tackle a new week and more projects on the house!

Jackie went down like a dream tonight so I was able to:

  • Get my PiYo workout in (Strength Intervals – it was tough!)
  • Straighten up the basement
  • Clean up the kitchen (Always my chief nemesis on Monday morning)
  • Make Dan’s lunch for tomorrow (My second chief nemesis on Monday morning)
  • Fold the load of diapers I washed today
  • Blog

Woot! I feel on top of the world! What a productive evening! I’m counting on a great Monday morning as I don’t have to wake up to a messy house!

My goals for the house in the next few weeks (not just for this week, it’s too much!) are to finish up projects that have just been hanging on for too long:

  1. Stain, poly, and hang the shelves in the basement bathroom
  2. Prime and paint the trim around the new windows that we installed a few weeks ago (by “we” I mean the professionals!)
  3. Paint the remaining wood windows throughout the house
  4. Paint the trim around the front door
  5. Super glue the cup pulls to the mock drawers under the kitchen sink (I’m thinking super glue will work…not entirely sure, gorilla glue didn’t)
  6. Touch up the paint on the kitchen cabinets
  7. Finish the clock/picture clip collage for Jackie’s room (not a good description…I’ll show you when it’s finished)
  8. Finish and hang the hook for my ironing board
  9. Raise the pictures next to the dryer in the laundry room

Whew, that looks like a lot….here goes nothin’!

What do you have planned to do in the near future??

Front Door

Painting the inside of my front door has been on my to do list since it was installed. When viewing blogland, one of the things I’ve been loving is a pop of color in the entryway via a painted door. My recent upgrades in the shoe department lit a fire to get this door painted.

I made the mistake of painting the door before the trim so I’ll have to go back and get that done too.





Doesn’t the trim stand out like a sore thumb? Eee…have to get on that…

Now my entryway looks like this!


It’s really hard to capture on my phone with the low lighting inside. I’ll take pictures on the good camera someday. :)

One more before and after….



It’s coming along!

Entryway Update

This post is brought to you by my phone. Mobile blogging at its finest….completely with a quickie update to our entryway.

Our front door opens into our living room which makes defining each area difficult. We haven’t even been trying to define the entryway up to this point, honestly. It’s awkward and difficult and we are spending our time/money elsewhere.

As I was vacuuming the basement yesterday, I had a flash of inspiration. Why not use the unused bookshelf in the “office” as a shoe rack by the front door? It’s not a perfect solution but it gives us somewhere to drop our keys and shoes which is more than we had before.

I put the bookshelf in place last night then had another flash of inspiration. I have an oversized clock from our old living room that’s just hanging out in the furnace room. It might look good over the shoe rack. I tell ya. I’m just full of inspiration all the sudden.

So I hung the clock tonight. It’s not a perfectly styled nook, but it is so refreshing to have more functionality and a little beauty in the living room/entryway.





Look at the lilies! They are from my yard. Did you know day lilies came in more than orange and yellow? I didn’t. I hope I’m not stopping the flowering by clipping a few!


I’m loving my new entryway! Best of all…It didn’t cost a thing!