Laundry Room Cabinet Reveal

I was sure I had taken official “after” pictures of the laundry room cabinets. I told Dan my dilemma/baby brain moment, and he promptly told me that I hadn’tr taken any pictures. Oh poo. I guess that’s good I didn’t forget or delete them accidentally.

Without further ado, I give you the laundry room…



Woowzers! It’s so white and bright!

Honestly, it’s maybe a tad too white in there now, but I have plans to warm it up! 🙂

Now I did make some boo-boos on the back of the doors. I had a REALLY hard time getting this paint to cure (this has been a chronic problem throughout the house). So I ended up leaving some residue on the back side of the doors from the boxes I had the doors resting on.


Also there are plenty of dirty finger prints…wonder whose those are??

I took a magic eraser to it, and voila! Clean doors!


The magic eraser even took the little bits of cardboard off! Such magic stuff that magic eraser.

Oh and I did a little something else…



I made a little valence! The material is the same as the new ironing board cover (which I plan to hang on the opposite wall). The fabric was leftover from a curtain at our apartment, so the only cost to me was the tension rod which was $4. Woot! Cheap decor!

I will point out that it is too small. I didn’t know what proportions to go with so I picked 1/3. I think I should have gone for 1/2. It’s a little puny to me. Thoughts?

Let’s see some side-by-side comparisons…




I still have more plans for this room. It still feels unfinished when you are in it. Here’s my list so far:

1) Add a mirror above the sink and some homemade shelves above the toilet. The room is very bottom heavy on that side.


2) Hang the ironing board.

3) Add some art. Not sure where yet, but add some pretty to the room.

4) Add functional/pretty storage above the cabinets.

I’ve got materials for some of these things and some Craigslist possibilities for others. Can’t wait!

2 observations on “Laundry Room Cabinet Reveal
  1. Betsey

    That’s very classy and cleaned up! The crispness of the white and light blue is perfect for a laundry room. I can almost smell clean cotton! 🙂

    Great job!


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