Egg Rolls – Part 2

Continuing on from Egg Rolls – Part 1

Now it is time to chop until your little heart’s content, then chop some more! These next steps could be made much easier by using a food processor or mandolin. We did it old school with a good ole knife and cutting board.

Brown two pounds of hamburger in a skillet on stove.

Drain grease then set aside to cool.

I’m not 100% sure why I have the sweet and sour sauce in this picture. It cooled overnight, so it really didn’t need more cooling. I must have thought it was pretty. 🙂

Chop eight heads of lettuce into matchsticks. You heard me, eight.

Oma prefers to do her prep sitting on the floor, and I prefer to stand. This worked out perfectly space wise in her kitchen. I had the island to myself, and she sat in the dining area off the kitchen.

Make sure to use all of the cabbage. Oma had to cut the outside pieces individually sometimes. Waste not, want not!

Chop bean sprouts into small pieces.

As you chop the sprouts, set them aside in their own bowl/container. They will need to be squeezed later to remove any water they might be holding.

Chop carrots into small pieces. We cheated and started with carrots pre-cut into matchsticks. You could use regular carrots too.

Set chopped carrots aside in a bowl separate from the sprouts.

Chop rice noodles into small pieces.

Oma told me to cut them like this. First horizontally…

The vertically…

I’m pretty use this is just to make sure all the wiggly noodles get chopped. I don’t think this is the authentic Korean way to cut rice noodles.

Chop 2-3 pounds of crab into small pieces.

Dan likes to call this stuff “krab with a k.” It is not truly crab but rather crab flavored Alaskan Sea Bass. Did you know they did stuff like that?? I didn’t.

On to the shrimp!

Chop 3 pounds of shrimp to small pieces. Again, we cheated an bought the pre-cooked, frozen stuff. Just remove the shell (?) and tail and chop away.

I don’t eat seafood very often. Can you tell? I’m sure there’s a technical term for prepping the shrimp, but I have no idea what that is. Can anyone educate me?

The pre-prepped shrimp:

Chopped shrimp:

Chop three large onions.

Oma’s telling me to do something in this picture. Maybe she’s telling me to stop taking pictures. I took a TON during this two day process.

Once cabbage is cut into match sticks, sprinkle with salt then let rest for a while. I honestly didn’t time this step. I didn’t even know it was going on until it was over. I’d say let it rest for a good half hour.

The salt breaks down the cabbage making it more tender, and it also produces a lot of cabbage juice. You want the ingredients as dry as possible before continuing.You will need to squeeze any liquid out of the cabbage, bean sprouts, and shrimp.

Note: Oma said not to squeeze the shrimp if you want more of a shrimp-y flavor. We squeezed the shrimp for this batch, and we couldn’t taste the shrimp at all.

We started trying to squeeze with our hands. This was not super effective.

I pulled out a trick I learned from watching 30 Minutes Meals with Rachel Ray. Put the ingredients into a clean dish towel then twist and squeeze.

This method worked amazingly well. We wrangled Dan into doing the squeezing for us, and Oma couldn’t believe how dry he was able to get the veggies.

Mix all ingredients together and generously sprinkle with black pepper, 2 tablespoons beef bouillon granules, 4 tablespoons minced garlic, and 8 eggs.

Mix well, taste and add salt as needed. The mixture should stick slightly together when squeezed.

Depending on how many people you have helping the following steps might be in a different order.

Once Dan and I were good at rolling the egg rolls, Oma start cooking them on the stove. You may want to wait to heat the oil until you are done rolling unless you have multiple hands to help.

Heat oil in a large skillet. I have no idea how hot. I’d say medium to medium-high.

While that is heating, let’s roll!

Place an egg rolls wrapper in front of you like a diamonds, one of the corners pointed at you. Grab a small handful of “innerds” and squeeze them together as you place them towards the tip of the wrapper closest to you.

Carefully wrap the roll, tucking in the corners as you go. Before you finish the rolls, brush some beaten egg on the corner and finish rolling to seal.

Piece of cake!

I made a video of this process to try to make it more clear, but I can’t figure out how to upload it. I think it’s too big. I’ll work on that.

Time to cook these suckers. If you are eating immediately, deep fry, turning occasionally, until golden brown all over.

If storing them, fry for a few minutes on each side, remove from oil and cool. The put in freezer safe ziplock bag and toss in the freezer. When you are ready to eat the frozen ones there are two ways to prepare them:

  1. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until crispy and brown all over. We line a jelly roll pan with foil as the rolls to leak quite a bit of oil as they bake. No need to let them thaw for this method, just pull them straight out of the freezer and into the oven.
  2. Deep fry until crispy and brown all over. We don’t usually do this method due to the extra oil and mess involved.


If you are curious about the proportions, all the ingredients we used made 168 egg rolls. It’s a process, but so worth it!


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  1. MOM says:

    I also liked the idea of Oma teaching you how to make them and you teaching her how to squeeze dry the ingredients. I guess the young can teach the older. Good job!

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