Holy Paint Cans, Batman!


in·er·tia \i-ˈnər-shə, -shē-ə\ a: a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force

Here is a random thought on inertia:

Have you noticed that when you enter the highway by way of a 4-leaf clover (sharp right loop), the air conditioning will momentarily blow into your face. You know why? The air want to continue in a straight line (inertia) so it blows in your face until the external force (the car) makes it blow in another direction.

Yes, that is in fact what I think of every day when entering the highway on my way home from work.

If you’re a nerd, raise your hand.

Hand raised.

Here is my next big thought: Paint cans at rest are most likely to stay at rest unless acted upon by some external force.

It’s true. Want me to prove it? I have 25, that’s right folks, 25 paint cans sitting in my basement.

The saddest part is, they’re not all mine! Most are from the previous owners who painted in 2001-2003! Yikes! The paint cans I’ve contributed are, at newest, from 9/19/2009. Two years ago!

Is it bad to have a pile o’ paint cans lying around?

I decided to get them cleaned up. Dan and I are going to try listing our house again with a new agent. Our goal is to clean up the basement so it looks more inviting and clean. I started by attacking the paint pile.

First order of business, divide between “keep” and “throw away” paint.


Throw Away

Here is the after shot. Sorry, no before picture. Just a few paint cans by the water meter. You can use your imagination to add in 16 more cans.

Now, you can’t just throw them away in the trash. You have to dry them out. Here they are drying out in the garage.

Thank goodness some of the cans were almost empty and already dried out.

Do you see how full some of those are? We might be here a while…

Any tips for fast drying? Anyone want any paint?

So inertia, that is where I started, right? Those gosh darn cans will stay in their inert state for many, many years until your tooshie exerts some external force.

See the massive mess to the left of the cans? Some more massive force I need to exert on some inert boxes.

Another post for another day…

Peach Picking

I love, love, love picking fresh fruit and freezing or canning it so Dan and I can enjoy it all year long.

It comes in handy quite often when we have guests over. What should we have for dessert? How about anything made with fruit: apple pie, apple crisp, strawberry shortcake, peach cobbler, the list goes on and on.

I have many uses for the frozen fruit in everyday life too.

  • Fruity Baked Oatmeal
  • Apple Strussel Muffins
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Any type of fruit sauce for ice cream

The only problem with this grand plan is the picking. I am way over ambitious. I pick way, way, WAY too much. See the newspaper below? I had that area of my table covered completely in peaches, stacked 2 rows high. We picked one whole bushel, which is like a bazillion peaches. Seriously.

It’s the fruit’s fault really. If it didn’t look so tempting and delicious I wouldn’t pick so much. Right? I mean, just look at ’em. They’re practically begging to be picked!

Dan eating way more than he’s picking…

The perfect little beauties…

Now, here’s what you do with them.

1) Put peaches in a pot of boiling water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Most sites will say 30 seconds, but I found that if the peaches are not fully ripe, they need to stay longer in the boiling water to make the skin come off.

2) Remove and put in ice water

3) Skin should fall eight off the peach. It might need a little coaxing from a paring knife if not fully ripe.

Excuse the messy counter, I’m cooking! This is how peaches look without the skins.

4) Cut into slices and freeze individually on a cookie sheet.

5) Once frozen, remove from cookie sheet and store in freezer bags until needed.

Some people put sugar or a sugary sauce on the peaches before freezing. I don’t usually do this because most of my future uses for the peaches don’t require additional sugar in the fruit. Also, if sugar is not necessary, why add it? It takes away the fresh flavor and adds calories. I say leave it out!

The other thing I did with the peaches is make freezer jam. The picture above of the whole, skinned peaches is actually the batch I put into the jam. See how they are a bit bruised and tattered? I mashed all of those into freezer jam.

I didn’t do anything special with my jam. I just bought the Ball brand instant pectin and followed the instructions on the bottle.

Freezer Jam Tip: “Mash your fruit in a blender or food processor then mix in pectin and sugar by hand. This speeds up the process tremendously!

The finished freezer jam:

Crazy huh? It took Dan and I about 5 hours to get all of the peaches ready for the freezer, whichever form they were going to be frozen in.

Now for apple season…

Welcome to Flawed Yet Functional!

My name is Emily Stauch (pronounced stau, rhymes with cow), and I live in West Michigan, Grand Rapids area. I have been blogging off and on at The Stooch Life. Stooch was my husband’s nickname growing up, and since we got married, is now my nickname too.

I decided to start a new blog because the old one didn’t have a purpose. It was mostly my ramblings and going-ons of the Stooch household.

I have a relatively new found love of decorating, re-doing furniture, and DIY projects. Since I am new, and let’s be honest, not a rule follower, I decided to call this blog Flawed yet Functional. The things I re-do work and serve a purpose, but I usually came to the final product in a non-traditional way.

This philosophy, if you will, also flows into my culinary abilities. I have no formal training, but I love to cook and create yummy meals. I have a tendency to substitute key ingredients in a recipe or leave them out all together! The final product does not always resemble the original recipe…but it always tastes good!

So thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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