Welcome to Flawed Yet Functional!

My name is Emily Stauch (pronounced stau, rhymes with cow), and I live in West Michigan, Grand Rapids area. I have been blogging off and on at The Stooch Life. Stooch was my husband’s nickname growing up, and since we got married, is now my nickname too.

I decided to start a new blog because the old one didn’t have a purpose. It was mostly my ramblings and going-ons of the Stooch household.

I have a relatively new found love of decorating, re-doing furniture, and DIY projects. Since I am new, and let’s be honest, not a rule follower, I decided to call this blog Flawed yet Functional. The things I re-do work and serve a purpose, but I usually came to the final product in a non-traditional way.

This philosophy, if you will, also flows into my culinary abilities. I have no formal training, but I love to cook and create yummy meals. I have a tendency to substitute key ingredients in a recipe or leave them out all together! The final product does not always resemble the original recipe…but it always tastes good!

So thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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