My Side of the Story – Part 10

Braces and MRIs Don’t Get Along

I have no idea about time at this point. I did have to know what day it was for my many neuro checks, but as far as tying dates to events, I no longer have a clue.

I went in for my regular MRI sometime before Thanksgiving. All went well. I think I even fell asleep because it sure didn’t seem to take 45 minutes. Lucky for me, I’m not claustrophobic! The MRI doctor was very impressed with my calmness during the test.

A few days later, I need to have a functional MRI. In this test, you wear a helmet with a screen that covers your eyes. A computer program plays different things that you must do while the MRI is running. The purpose of this test is to map out the motor, vision, and other functioning areas of the brain.

For example, one of the segments has you following a dot around the screen with your eyes, another tells you to open and close your fists. You do these sessions for about 30 seconds to a minute several times over. Then at the end they put a dye into your brain and you repeat the same motions. I think this gives a clearer picture. I don’t know.

So la-de-da were going along with the test, it takes a lot longer when you’re awake! Then they put the dye in, oh man, it made me sick. Good thing there was nothing in my stomach to puke up!

I forgot to mention that I had an emergency cord in the machine to pull if I had trouble. I pulled that sucker as hard as I could. I was ripped out of the machine in seconds. The gear that took at least 10 minutes to put on came off in an instant. I wonder if this happens often?

The doctor thinks he got enough even though I was pulled out early.

I hope so!

Within the next day or so we get word that my braces caused all kind of reflection off the MRI.

The results were not useable.


The doctor tried to piece things together, but really for this delicate surgery, it needs to be done right.

I’m not complaining.

Next step: Off with the braces!


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