My Side of the Story – Part 11

Poor Disgruntled Orthodontist Assistant

For health insurance reasons, I’m sure, my doctor called my orthodontist office to have them come take the braces off.

Now for HIPPA reasons, I’m sure, they wouldn’t tell the orthodontist why we are taking the braces off. Now orthodontists strongly dislike taking the braces off before the appropriate time. So you can imagine the assistant who came to my room in ICU was less than thrilled.

Assistant: “So…WHY are we taking the braces off?”

Note: She was kind of snotty about it. Ok, you’ve been summoned by a neuro-surgeon’s office to come to the ICU of the biggest hospital in town to take the braces off one of your patients. Don’t you think it’s serious?

Me: “Oh, I’m having brain surgery! The braces were messing up the MRI.”

Assistant: “Oh!”

Like the kind of “Oh’ like “I’m an idiot, sorry for being so mean, you poor thing, I’m so sorry.”

Me: That’s right! Don’t you feel stupid? Do you think we’d take them off just because I felt like it??

Snap, snap, off come the braces. She tries to scrap the glue off, but I can’t handle it. So we leave it on.

The girl was even so nice as to come back the next day, take impressions, make temporary retainers, and bring them back to the hospital. All on her day off! She loves me now!

Now back to the MRI machine…


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2 thoughts on “My Side of the Story – Part 11

  1. FOOT IN MOUTH! Seriously, what did she think was going on as she entered the hospital? Does this kind of thing happen often?

    I’m glad she turned out to be nice about it! 🙂

    Very thankful you pulled through all of this and are here to tell us all the story again. We have so much to be grateful for!

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