My Side of the Story – Part 39

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Discharge from Mary Free Bed

In the days leading up to my discharge from MFB, I focused on walking to all of my therapy sessions (my wheelchair was taken away from me a day or so before discharge, what a feeling!) and getting as many practical daily life tips I could get from my therapists.

We determined that I should have a stool in the shower at least for a while until my stamina had returned more. All it took was one email to our friends and a stool was found for me to borrow. Isn’t God amazing? He knows what we’ll need and provides just the right thing at just the right time. I don’t know too many 25 year olds who can readily locate a shower stool.

I remember doing some formal testing with Ken during our final Occupational Therapy sessions. I don’t remember the results or what exactly they were testing, but I must have passed. 🙂 I had quite a few tips and tricks up my sleeve already for showering myself, getting dressed, moving about the house, and basic cooking. The staff at MFB made sure I did as much as possible myself, but it was a relief to know Dan (or my mom for a short while) would be there to help should I need it.

I had a game plan to continue outpatient therapy in three areas: speech, physical, and occupational. Hmmm, that seems wrong now that I type it. I for sure did speech and occupational as an outpatient, but I’m not 100% sure about physical therapy.

I remember telling people I was in patient therapy for 11 days, so I must have been discharged around December 22, just before Christmas. My goal throughout therapy was just this: to be home for Christmas, and I was. Again, isn’t God good?


**Picture complements of Lacey Rumley. This is the Rumley Christmas December 25, 2009.**

I don’t remember much from my discharge day, but here’s the snippets I can recall:

  • A “long” walk down the cold hall that connects the MFB building with the parking garage.
  • Dan had pulled our little red car up to the door
  • It was COLD out!
  • He helped me into the passenger seat. It felt so weird to be in a car again!
  • Walking in the front door of my home in Grand Haven. My dad holding my dog, George, back on his leash. George couldn’t give two hoots what anyone was telling him. He wanted to see his mama!!
  • Sitting on the green chair in the living room, petting my dog. All is right with the world.

While not the end of the story, this closes the biggest chapter: hemorrhage to getting home from the hospital. I still had about a month of outpatient therapy to complete before I was back to work and able to be alone (without supervision, just in case something were to happen).

I was able to share my story to my MOPs group in December 2015. The piece I found most shocking as I was preparing to speak is the short timeline. It seemed like an eternity back in 2009, but from the day of my hemorrhage to returning to work and a full life was only 2.5 months. What?! Thursday, November 12, 2009 to February 1, 2010. Such a short period of time and yet crazy to think how much happened in that time period.

Moving on…must finish my story: Some memories then outpatient therapy…

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