A1C: 6.6

Super stoked after my endocrinologist appointment today! My A1C was 6.6!

An A1C gives a three month average of blood glucose level. The goal for a Type 1 diabetic is 7 or less which means an average blood glucose level less than 150 (around 100 is normal for a non-diabetic).

I was diagnosed with an A1C of 9.7. So this is good improvement. I still need a blood test that will tell me how much insulin I’m producing. For now, the doctors just think its because of the honeymoon period, not the changes I’ve made. I don’t of course, but time will tell.

Super excited tonight!

2 thoughts on “A1C: 6.6

  1. Erin B says:

    WOW! You really are controlling your levels. (PS A1C means airman first class in mil speak…you’ve got your own acronym language now!) When is the honeymoon period supposedly over? Probably different for everyone, but I am really looking forward to watching your results as time passes. Are you keeping enough notes to write your own book in a couple years?

    • Emily says:

      Ha, who knew? The military has so many acronyms it was bound to happen!
      I’m defintely keeping track of things closely. I’m very curious if I can prolong the honeymoon period for a long time or indefinitely. The research I’m reading doesn’t know because its too new, but that’s the theory. No gluten in the diet will stop the attacking of my pancreas.
      Now, if I could just get my c-peptide test to be run correctly, I’d have a baseline for my insulin levels. However, I’ve gaff my blood draw 3 times and they’ve failed every time for various reasons. So on to fourth time’s the charm….

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