Dan and I are half-heartedly looking for a new house. Don’t get too excited! We’re nowhere near ready to buy, but if we see a house that we might like and there’s an open house, we’ll go. I’m trying to stick to my guns about what I want in a house. It’s so easy to rationalize the things when you meet a pretty house.

Case in point, the house we saw this past week. Very pretty interior of the house (the outside was a tad boring truth be told), and we were excited by all the positives to the house:

Large foyer (like this one)

Actual laundry room (instead of a laundry closet like our last house)

Good sized bedrooms (again, unlike our last house)

Finished basement (you guess it, unlike the last house)

Large-ish dining area…


it had a small kitchen.

The bane of my existence at our old house.

I almost tried to rationalize it for a little bit. But look at the size of the master bedroom! Oooo a separate office upstairs…a fireplace…

Dan brought me back to reality though. Parties at our old house we hard because you could really only fit one person comfortably in my kitchen. 🙂 Not room for much more…

So let’s brainstorm for a while…what do you look for in a kitchen? Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. Storage space – either by cupboards, pantry, or both

2. A place to congregate, gather, chat, socialize


3. Counter Space – evident in all of the pictures above

I love to cook. I love to entertain. A good, functional kitchen is a necessity for me in the next house.

If only it would look as lovely as the pictures above. 🙂 I’ll need to sharpen my DIY skills, I think.

What does your dream kitchen look like? Do you want space for tons of chefs-in-the-pot or are you a one man show? Do you like the open floor plan or more of a single room kitchen?

3 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Okay, LOOOOOOOVE the last picture. (Minus the green chairs. Those aren’t really my style.) But I love the rest of it! I think the kitchen is the most important thing I look at with houses, since I literally spend 90% of my time there. Preparing meals, serving meals, cleaning up from meals, rinse and repeat. If you someday decide to be a SAHM, you’ll probably feel the same way. Keep us updated with your house search!

  2. MOM says:

    As you know, I am a one-man show. However, my small kitchen is going to be the death of me. I need storage space (got none), need counter space (got none, again), need room for working on anything (guess what, got none). I really liked the Redwood houses kitchen – that was a one-man show, but had room for all I needed. Some day…

  3. Hm. Interesting. I didn’t know Mom’s favorite kitchen was the Redwood house, but makes sense seeing as she’s a one man show.

    I like help in the kitchen…or one-man show stuff. What I don’t like is a crowded kitchen in which I am the only one actively cooking/cleaning. Love that Bristol to pieces, and the pups, but they are useless kitchen additions, and more often than not, they’re in the way!

    I go back and forth on the open concept. Maybe if I were a tad better housekeeper…

    PS, I sense a white-cabinet theme in your post! Or at least a light cabinet theme. Is that the way you’re leaning?

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