Nursery Closet

The next project I tackled is painting the inside of the bedroom closets. We had kind of primed them when we painted all of the walls in the house. I say “kind of” because we sprayed 2-3 swaths in each closet. Not a thorough coat by any means. We had a lot of painting to get done and the closets all the sudden seemed so unimportant.

So here we are, one year later, just getting to the closets!

First on my list, the nursery closet.

I wanted a fun punch of color but nothing too bright. I have resale-ability in the back of my mind so I don’t want to paint anything neon that might deter future buyers.

I really wanted to bring out the turquoise in Jack’s crib skirt so off to Lowe’s I went to pick up every swatch of aqua I thought might fit. I was drawn to their display of Pantone Universe paints. The colors are bright and trendy so I selected a few green aquas and blue aquas and trotted home to see them against the other colors in the room.

Bay by Pantone Universe was the winner! I bought one quart knowing that it would be tight, but I really didn’t want a gallon. Why or why don’t they sell half gallons? I think there’s a real market for that size! One quart was not quite enough so not all the walls got a second coat…just the ones you see. 🙂

Ready for the pictures?? Stop talking, Emily…

Before (in all it’s glory…no, I did not pick up prior to taking this picture. Thank you for asking.)






Ah! Isn’t it lovely?? I just LOVE the color (which I’m totally baffled by!). One year ago I was bawling every time we opened a can of paint. I HATED nearly every color I had chosen. Could have been the hormones…or the color matching…I don’t know. They were ugly though.

This, however, THIS is lovely. I love it. My lovely.

Side by Side


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