Laundry Room Project – New Ironing Board Cover

Inspired by this look at Young House Love (our ironing boards look shocking similar. Do we shop at the same yard sales??) and this tutorial I found on Pinterest. I decided to make myself a new ironing board cover so that my $4 garage sale ironing board could act more like decor in my laundry room. I mean, that’s all it’s good for right? You don’t expect me to actually USE the ironing board do you?

The tutorial was extremely simple: roughly cut out a piece of fabric the shape of your ironing board, sew a simple pocket all the way around, thread elastic through the pocket (most time consuming part!), then tie the two ends together. Easy. as. pie. Even me and my ghetto machine that doesn’t sew too straight (anyone know how to fix that??) could handle it.




View from the bottom. The rats nest in the corner is my tied elastic. I had miles too much. I’ve never used elastic before. 🙂 I just shoved it up in the corner. Also notice I just put my new cover over my old. Lazy.


The finished product!


Now all that’s left to do is hang it on the wall. I’m actually having trouble finding a hook that’s big enough (and cute enough!). I have an idea to hang it that will also go along with decor above the toilet,  but that’s for another day. The nifty little ironing board is just hanging out behind the door for the time being.

3 thoughts on “Laundry Room Project – New Ironing Board Cover

  1. MOM says:

    Z asked me today, “Why do you iron shirts, I just smashed them in my closet?” Oh boy! Do we have a thing or two to teach that boy!

    I ironed Dad’s shirt today for his first day at teacher orientation. About 30 minutes later, he called and asked if I could iron another one to replace the one that has coffee spilled all over it.

    Oh the joy of moving into a new place!

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