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Welcome to Flawed yet Functional!

I’m Emily Stauch, and this blog is designed to encourage and equip you to love your house and your life more. Our society pushes buying more, being more, and doing more, but ultimately this leads to dis-satisfaction. Walk with me as I pursue gratitude in all areas of life.

I love to tinker, rearrange, and decorate my house, but I always appreciate the great gift I have – a home! I hope to encourage you to notice more things you love about your home – texture on the walls, vintage lights, peaceful neighborhood – there is always something to appreciate.

I’ve learned to be grateful for the gift called life God has given me. I’m an AVM survivor and a recently diagnosed Type 1 diabetic. I have found revolutionary ways to treat my diabetes which I will share from time to time. Do you have an autoimmune disease? There is hope! Endless pain is not the end nor some of the more final outcomes. Autoimmune diseases can be managed much more efficiently through diet and lifestyle change. How do I know? I’ve experimented on myself! I hope you will find new ideas and resources to treat and thrive with an autoimmune condition.

The older I get, the more easy it is to see the my flaws in myself; however, I chose to thrive with the body, home, and life I’ve been given.

Join me!

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