Easy Corn Dogs

I don’t know how your household runs, but frequently, we have a scramble at 5:30 for dinner. This usually happens near the end of my two week shopping period: the fridge is looking empty, the cupboards are fairly bare, and the freezer is not a well stocked as you might like. So…

What’s for dinner?

This is one meal that I threw together in about 40 minutes, including bake time, from basic freezer and pantry items. It’s not healthy, but it’s better than most frozen/processed food. So without further ado, let’s make some easy corndogs!

Easy Corndogs

  • Your favorite cornbread recipe (I used this one.)
  • Hot dogs, 8 or so
  • Vegetables (To balance out the meal, ya know!)

Mix up your favorite type of cornbread. I really like sweet cornbread. I know, I’m not from the South. 🙂

“Sugar in the cornbread is cake!” – Mark Lowry

Grease a 9×11 pan. I used this size so the hot dogs would fit best side to side without a bunch of cornbread on the sides.

Pour cornbread batter into the pan.

Enter Stage Left: Hotdogs!

Hotdogs are NOT a regular part of our diet, but I had the grand idea to have a Corn Dog Party making true deep fried corn dogs a few months ago. These have been sitting in our freezer ever since. Notice we are snobs when it comes to our hot dogs. We only buy “nice” all beef hot dogs. That totally makes them good for us, right?

Slap those dogs into the corn bread batter.

Why yes, I did put them in completely frozen. Nice ice, huh?

In hindsight, this was a poor decision. The extra moisture and super cold dogs, made the baking take quite a while. The finished corn dogs were on the verge of burning too by the time the middle finished cooking.

Learn from my mistakes…thaw those dogs!

Next push the dogs down a bit into the batter. I was hoping to completely engulf the dogs in cornbread.

Here’s a close up of how much I pushed the dogs into the batter. You could easily push them down farther than I did.

Bake the corn dogs according to the directions for the corn bread. In my case, I baked them at 400 for 20 minutes. My frozen dogs were causing the cornbread directly around the dogs not to cook, so I lowered the temperature to 350 then baked for an additional 10 minutes.

My dogs were almost completely covered in cornbread. Yay!

Note: I used whole wheat flour so my cornbread is a little darker than most. It didn’t burn at all even though the edges do look quite brown in the photos.

Cut into one dog portions then serve with your favorite vegetable. You know, so this meal is healthy!

One thought on “Easy Corn Dogs

  1. MOM says:

    Elyse would LOVE this! I just might try it some day when the hotdogs are on sale. Thanks for the idea!

    Emily – I made this comment, then clicked on the post button. Your blog disappeared, Lacey’s appeared, then yours appeared and my comment went on Lacey’s blog. I didn’t even have Lacey’s blog opened. I think the blog spies are out to get me.

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