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At Flawed yet Functional, I am focused on living a healthy, flourishing life, and that includes a constant improvement, evaluation process. I set goals for myself personally and this blog for 2018, a first for me! I’ve been so happy with how my goals are shaping up for 2018 that I just had to share an update.

First, from a productivity perspective, I have to let you in on this method I’ve been using to get it all done. I attended a webinar from Living Well Spending Less in December that discussed tips for getting everything done in a day. While a big focus of the webinar was to promote their beautiful planner (It is lovely and functional, but I chose not to buy it), there was SO MUCH good information covered in the webinar (and the webinar was free!). If you are looking for productivity or small business help, I highly recommend checking out that blog.

My biggest take-away: make a prioritized to do list every day.

I went for years not being a goal or list-oriented person. I just accomplished each day whatever popped into my mind. If I was working on a painting project, the house upkeep, laundry, meals, etc. were likely to go undone resulting in an empty fridge and no underwear for anyone. Can anyone else relate to falling down the rabbit hole when working on a project?

I’ve made huge progress this year in keeping all my balls in the air and not feeling overwhelmed by the number of things I am responsible for.

The biggest change for me is a prioritized to do list. I make a list every morning of the tasks I need to accomplish for the day (housework, cooking, blogging, projects, homeschooling…everything goes on the list!). Then I re-write the list prioritizing each activity from most to least important.

Then comes the discipline part, I have to do those hard things at the top of my list first. 

It has taken practice, but here I am, two months into using this method of organizing my day, and I am not stressed each day while accomplishing more than I ever thought I could.

Amazing. It’s such a simple thing with profound effects in my daily life.

Anyway, on to my goals for 2018 and how they are shaping up this year…(check out my original post for the whole explanation of each goal)

prioritized to do list

Personal Goals

1. Read 15 books

I am 4 books in already this year! Woot! I am trying to balance health/non-fiction with an easier fiction book. I hope to keep up my desire to read this way. So far I’ve read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, Wheat Belly by William Davis, and The Midwife’s Tale by Sam Thomas.

I’ve also found a great app (Thanks, Betsey!) for keeping track of my reading list, Goodreads. The app allows you to track the books you’d like to read, currently reading, and read. It even lets you mark which page you are on…no more kids taking out my bookmark and losing my place!

2. Shoot and edit raw photos

I am now shooting and editing in RAW, but I don’t think I know what I’m doing. Scratch that, I definitely don’t know what I’m doing. A wonderful friend has agreed to give me a few pointers. Yay!

Side note: Dan has been looking into filters for our camera to take better landscape photos. I just have to say again that the more you dive into a hobby, the more you understand the art, dedication, and skill professionals in that field possess. We have discovered why quality woodwork is so expensive, and now we more fully understand the price tag on photography. The equipment is spendy! The skill to take a good photo is a learned skill too and not intuitive. I appreciate my photographer friend’s skill all the more now!

3. Make my morning routine a habit

I’ve made MAJOR progress in this goal. I started out in January with the following routine beginning at 6am:

  1. Test my blood sugar
  2. Take my supplements
  3. Work-out
  4. Make tea/coffee
  5. Read my Bible and pray
  6. Shower (maybe…not most days. Just being honest, folks!)
  7. Make breakfast

This would take me roughly 2 hours, aiming to be done by 8:00am or earlier. However, you know what happened? My kids started getting up earlier! Ugh!

So beginning mid February, along with my Autoimmune Protocol 30 Elimination Diet, I changed my routine to this, beginning at 5:45…

  1. Test my blood sugar
  2. Take my supplements
  3. Make tea
  4. Read my Bible and pray
  5. Work-out
  6. Shower – in the basement shower. The KEY to success for me! I don’t go upstairs after I’m done working out. I walk 5 steps to the basement bathroom and hop in the shower. Life changing!
  7. Make breakfast

Fifteen extra  minutes plus switching up the order of my routine (Bible reading and working out flipped) has made all the difference.

If you’ve been in Christian circles long, you know everyone recommends starting your day with God. I always thought I was…just after I did a few things but still before breakfast! Moving reading God’s word and spending time in prayer to the first thing in the morning has made all the difference. Not only do I get my mind set on His plan for me today, I come upstairs from my work-out/shower not craving peace and alone time (which is not likely to happen with the kids waking up early). I’m at peace cooking with my kids. I’m not at peace trying to concentrate on my Bible study. Folks, this has revolutionized my mornings!

4. Visit my sister in Italy

No progress on this goal. 🙁

Diabetes Glucose Meter

Health Goals

1. Figure out exactly what I should or should not eat

As of February 19, I’m back on the Autoimmune Protocol to get my gut healed from the dairy exposure over the holidays and get my morning blood sugar back in line. I’ve referenced some more books and blogs that have helped me understand the diet and reintroduction phase better (The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne, A Squirrel in the Kitchen, Whole New Mom). By the end of March, I plan to be reintroducing eggs, nuts, coffee, alcohol, and maybe even cheese and legumes. I have a detailed plan on how to reintroduce foods more systematically so I know exactly what affects my gut. To follow along on my AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) journey, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Take A1C levels on my own

Done! I bought a home test kit at Walgreens, and I used it prior to my last endocrinologist appointment. My home test result was 6.3, and the doctor’s office result was 6.5. Close enough!

I’m also in an ongoing journey to find a doctor that can support me in my insulin-free type 1 diabetes. I’ve had one meeting with a naturopathic doctor. I’m planning to interview a few more before committing. I’ll let you know what I discover!

3. Communicate what I am doing and why it works

I’ve begun writing out what research I’ve read and how I’m applying it to my type 1 diabetes management. (Part 1 – Going Gluten-Free, Part 2 – Eat More Vegetables) This is a work in progress. I’m finding it difficult to put into words all that I have read. You just need to read the books for yourself! Ha! If you have any tips for me on how to share or what you are curious about in regards to my diabetes management, comment below or email me!

x desk for blogging

Blog Goals

1. Cover the mortgage on our house by the end of 2018

This is ongoing. My blog does not make any money so far. All links I share are simply for your benefit, they are not affiliate links, and I’m not pushing any products! I’m not sure how to begin making this a side business, so right now, I’m focusing on writing great content. That’s what will keep readers around, right?

2. Create a place of encouragement for my readers

I’ve heard from a couple people that they are encouraged by my writing. That warms my heart, and I think I’m accomplishing this goal so far.

Have you revisited your goals for the year/New Year’s resolutions? How are you progressing accomplishing your goals? Have you revised any of them or dropped some all together?

2018 goals

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