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Don’t we all have people in our lives that we want to give a small, meaningful gift to at Christmastime? Those people who maybe serve us in some way (mailman, trash collector, newspaper deliverer, etc.) or maybe have spoken into our lives recently (Bible study leader, childcare worker, administrative assistant). We want them to know they are seen and appreciated, right?

But…we all have a budget to keep. Here’s an idea that won’t break the bank!

I was wracking my brain for ideas to give to the ladies in my small group. I wanted it to be cute, functional, and let them know I was thinking about them. My lovely sister suggested these Christmas in a Jar potpourri gifts. How lovely are they?!? Kelli even includes the printable for the top of the jar! Go download it! I did!Christmas PotpourriNow since I can’t quite to anything exactly right, you’ll notice I do not have rosemary sprigs in my jars. I forgot to buy it. Kelli’s instructions say you can use Fraser Fir sprigs too. While I’m a little skeptical, I hope it works! We just happened to cut down a Fraser Fir for our house this year. I did a little bottom-of-the-tree-trimming 2 minutes before putting these together.

I used a canning funnel to help pour the mulling spices and cranberries in the jar, tossed in a few Fraser Fir sprigs, then plunked the orange on top. Done. I think it took 3 minutes to fill all 9 jars.

Then I cut out the top labels and my instruction label, which took so much longer than filling the jars! I need to work on my scissor skills with my preschooler. 🙂 I finished it off by tying on the instructions with a curling ribbon.

Christmas Potpourri Jar

A little run-down on the the cost of this gift, just in case you are curious:

  • I purchased this package of mulling spices. I bought this package because it is the best value. It is 16 ounces for less than $10.
  • I purchased a new case of pint size mason jars from our local supermarket for $9.
  • I bought the clementine sized oranges for about $2.50. I bought a 3 pound bag, and I only used 9 oranges. I’m estimating they weighed about 1.5 pounds, not sure I’m right.
  • I bought the cranberries from Aldi for $1.
  • I purchased glittery curling ribbon from the dollar store to tie on my instructions for $1.
  • I used Kelli’s printable on the top of my jars. Free!

The grand total for this gift was $23.50, and I made 9 jars, so $2.60 per jar!

Christmas in a Jar

Do you have any small, meaningful gifts to share? What do you buy for those special people in you life without breaking the bank?

2 thoughts on “A Quick, Easy Christmas Gift | Mason Jar Potpourri

  1. Karen M says:

    These are super cute and awesome! I think I’ll make them next year!

    The Dollar Tree is the best, yes?

    I like to make homemade granola, but that can become expensive. We had 3 straight weeks of illness in our house this Christmas season, though, and I wasn’t even able to make it for anyone! 🙁

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