A1C 6.1

It’s already been 3 months since my last endocrinologist visit! Time is just flying at our house. I’m still on a roller coaster of sorts over here.

Let me catch you up:

  1. Accident gluten intake through our homemade barbecue sauce. Homemade! Not even eating out, there’s no one to blame but ourselves. This took 3-ish weeks to resolve and get back to normal (i.e. eczema on my right hand takes 2-3 weeks to go away after a gluten ingestion.).
  2. Then late August/early September my blood glucose (BG) started to be higher, not astronomical, but higher than desired. I was hitting 150 or even 170 in the morning a couple days a week.
  3. I read a new book, The Autoimmune Solution by Dr. Amy Meyers. A friend with similar medical history as me (atypical gestational diabetes) had read it and recommended it. She had not tried the author’s “solution” though. I decided to go all in and do the elimination diet. What did I have to lose?

I had my regular, quarterly check-up with my endocrinologist 1.5 weeks into the elimination diet. I was already feeling great and seeing good results which was encouraging going into the appointment.

I was a bit nervous though to see my A1C results though due to items 1 and 2 above. How much did those issues derail my three month blood glucose average?

Bottom line? They didn’t.

My A1C was 6.1.


This was even lower than my last A1C of 6.6 in July! I totally didn’t expect this. I’m elated! I’ve found a way to stop the progression of my Type 1 diabetes, and I’m still able to eat tasty foods!

So for now grain-free (which by definition means gluten-free too!) and dairy-free is the life for me!

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